This document (including all documents mentioned here) regulates the terms and conditions for use of the site of and purchase products from it, regardless of the technological means by which to access it (hereinafter referred to as the „General Terms „).

Terms of the purchase contract – distance selling in the Law on consumer protection between „Fairy Flowers“ Ltd., hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER, on the one hand,


the other – the person consenting to these Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as USER in connection with the ordering and purchase of goods offered by online store

Article 1. The provider allows users in compliance and respect of these Terms to purchase products offered online store
Article 2. Provider published at

– A description of the main features and image of each product

– The selling price inclusive of VAT and tariff on the value of the courier or shipping costs included in cost of goods related to their delivery;

– Information on methods of payment, delivery and performance of the contract;

– Your right and the conditions and manner of its exercise to withdraw from the contract and the conditions under which goods can be returned, except under the Consumer Protection

– Any other information which the supplier is obliged under Bulgarian law to provide prompt the consumer before the purchase of the product by the consumer.

Article 3. Contract with distance selling is concluded after a valid request submitted by the User. Valid an application within the meaning of these Terms shall be deemed received and confirmed by the Supplier request.

Art. 4. To make valid requests to purchase goods offered in, user must provide the required and correct data. User ensure that the data provided in the ordering process are true, complete and accurate.

Article 5. The user can make a registration site, which is ‘online’ consent to these General Terms and Conditions, which is considered to be bound by their provisions

Article 6. Filing and prosecution of the application is through the consistent execution of the following steps: determining the type and size of the goods (if any) and confirm the type and size of the product by pressing a virtual button „Add to Cart“ indicated for the relevant commodity, followed by determining the quantity of the goods and the method of payment and confirmation of the application by pressing a virtual button „Finish the order“ indicated immediately below virtual buttons on the amount of goods and payment. With the query e-shop notify the User to query the specified email address. When referred incomplete, incorrect or wrong address and / or phone number in the application, it shall be considered invalid and the Supplier no obligation to implement it.

Article 7. All prices are in Bulgarian leva, VAT included. The offered price of individual goods for the number and do not include delivery costs. In making and valid applications of a number of goods and payment of the price of ordered goods, whose number is specified by negotiation between representatives of the electronic shop and User submitted specific requests and done, the cost of delivery of the goods shall be borne by the User. User willing to pay the price in foreign currency under the Foreign Exchange Act, take action under negotiation with representatives of the electronic shop of calculating the exact amount of the price of the ordered goods in the foreign currency.

Article 8. The price in the preceding article and the delivery costs can be paid in the ways listed in the section „How to pay“ as the user agrees to pay the purchase price of products purchased by him, and courier or transport costs, not included in this price-related with its delivery.

Article 9. Stated purchase merchandise is delivered with appropriate according to its type transport and packaging specified by the Customer delivery address in sufficient under the circumstances agreed between the representative of the electronic shop and User.

Article 10. The goods are forwarded to the shipping address of the customer or a third party – representative of the User, accepting and confirming receipt of the same on behalf of the user. Upon delivery of the product user or third party – representative of the User sign the accompanying documents serving as confirmation of delivery. If the User is not found in time to supply the given address or there is no access and conditions for delivery of goods in this period, the Contractor shall be released from its obligation to deliver the goods. ).

Provider go back again goods in shops and stores 24 hours User will be notified by phone where to get his delivery.

If the recipient refuses to take delivery, the user will be notified by phone where you can get delivery the next 24 hours.

The user can confirm their willingness to receive the goods to another address, assuming all shipping costs. In this case, starts a new delivery date from the time of confirmation of the previous sentence.

Article 11. Contractor undertakes: to pass the User actual power of purchased goods after receipt by the Contractor or his representative of the purchase price of the commodity; to deliver within the stated purchase goods; take due care to perform their duties.

Article 12. The provider is entitled to:

– To establish electronic links to other websites and resources for the sale of goods and provision of services by third parties, including hyperlinks that link to other websites and in profile;

– To send to the User-newsletter and (newsletters), to obtain that user has subscribed;

– To collect and use information about its users when they register, which may include name, surname, address, profession, gender, age group, telephone, e-mail address and any other information to be provided to registration and any other that is introduced or provided when requesting, receiving or using services provided by the supplier involved in promotions, sweepstakes and contests, filling out questionnaires, questionnaires, forms, and others, will use the same provider subject to Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Article 13. Provider:

– Carers in the store is always accurate and up to date but does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information;

– Shall not be liable for failure to provide access to the store, as well as raw or untimely processing of requests for purchase, upon the occurrence of circumstances beyond his control – cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the global Internet network;

– Does not guarantee that access to the store will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free from error as far beyond the capacity, control, and his will;

– It does not have the possibility to change, control or otherwise influence the quality and suitability for use of goods specified by the user is not responsible for compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and their properties;

– The supplier has the right to change a product with another close and similar to the ordered in the event of his temporary absence – valid for plush toys, chocolates, gifts and some bouquets – this is mentioned in the detailed description of the product itself. You will be notified by email or phone call after you have placed your order. You can cancel your order and get your money back. This occurs before the delivery to be made.

– The supplier has the right to build the bouquet, basket or arrangement with relevant seasonal flowers and / or foliage at the time of order are not available at that office, they will be replaced with the closest by type, color and price equivalent ordered Your order will not be disturbed type of bouquet in any way. Such exchange is necessary in very rare and extreme case and you will be informed in advance so that you can accept or decline.

– Not liable for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or loss of data arising from materials or resources searched, loaded or used in any way by it;

– As no objective possibility and obligation and does not control the websites and resources made available through the store and put in profile hyperlinks;

– Is not responsible for the illegal nature of the content and materials in these websites and resources;

– Shall not be liable for any damages or lost profits, arising from the use, access to or the untrustworthiness of the materials and content;

– No obligation and objective ability to control the way in which the user uses the store

Article 14. User is obliged:

– To indicate accurate and valid phone, shipping address and e-mail address for correspondence;

– To pay the price of the ordered goods;

– To pay the delivery costs, except in cases where the costs of delivery shall be borne by the Contractor;

– To receive the goods;

– To take all care and take necessary measures reasonably necessary in order to protect your password;

– Not to disclose to third parties your password and immediately notify the Contractor in case of unauthorized access to your profile, and the likelihood of such;

– In view of the specifics of Internet protocols and security in protection of the password, to terminate the session at which it is entered in your profile by clicking on the virtual button „exit“;

– Not to submit fictitious or invalid requests or other false information. The user bears full responsibility for protecting their password and for all actions performed by him or by a third party using it.

Article 15. The user has the right to:

– Access online to the Provider, subject to the conditions and requirements for access, except upon the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of the Contractor – cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the global Internet network;

– Access to and correction of personal online data;

– Refuse an order of flowers to 21 hours on the day the request was filed and paid the amount will be refunded 24 to 72 hours of making the request. Otherwise, ie quitting the day of delivery, the amount shall be charged to the Client and is not refundable.

-to return goods purchased by him from the menu gifts within 7 working days from the date of purchase and for this purpose the product must be in its original box, with no signs of use or abnormal presentation, according to the regulations of Article 55 of the CPA.

-In situations arising in connection with the outstanding issues, the client has the right to address the controversial issues to our assistant at the korespodentsiya address.

Art.16. User is obliged:

– To comply with the terms and conditions for making claims, published on the website e-commerce and declares that is considered bound by these terms and conditions

– To comply with the Bulgarian legislation, these Terms, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency;

– Do not infringe someone else’s property or moral rights, including intellectual property;

– To inform the Contractor of any case of violation done or found using the store;

– Do not interfere with the proper operation of the system, including, but not limited to not frustrate the procedure of identification of another person, not to access outside the allocated will not prevent other users from using the store;

– Not extracted by technical means or by technical means information resources or parts of information resources belonging to the databases located in the store and thus does not create a database in electronic or other form;

– Do not impersonate another person or representative of a legal person or group who is not authorized to represent or otherwise mislead others about your identity or affiliation to a certain group of persons;

– Not to carry out malicious actions under these Terms.

Failure to comply with the obligations Contractor shall be entitled to compensation for any damages or lost profits that have direct and immediate consequence of the breach of obligations under the preceding paragraph of the User. In these cases, the provider has the right to approach the competent authorities to establish the infringement.

Art.16. Registration is terminated user account is deleted upon the occurrence of any of the following circumstances: suspension of operation of the Contractor; termination of store maintenance; by giving one week notice to the other party in the event of default of its obligations under the contract or in other cases provided by law.

Art.17. User shall indemnify the Contractor and any third parties for any damages and lost profits, including all costs and paid lawyer’s fees paid benefits, litigation expenses incurred as a result of claims by third parties in connection with default User under this contract, breach of Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, these Terms, morality and / or netiquette. User shall indemnify the Contractor and any damage caused by third parties, which provided password, using the same.

Article 18. The parties declare that in case there is ineffectiveness of individual parts of these Terms and Conditions shall not result in invalidity of these Terms, the individual clauses invalid shall be deemed replaced by mandatory law rules of the law.

Article 19. All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. If no agreement is reached, all outstanding disputes arising from the contract between the parties or relating to it, including disputes arising from or concerning its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes about filling gaps in the contract or adapt it to new circumstances shall be settled by a court of competent court in Sofia.

Art.20. Written form is deemed to be observed by sending e-mail, pressing an electronic button on a page with content that is completed by the User or ticking a box on the website of the Provider and the like, as far as the statement is technically recorded in a way that allows reproduction.


For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the below terms and expressions used in these Terms shall have the following meaning:

„Website / Site“ is a special place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unique address (URL) protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

„Website“ is integral and distinct part of the website. is a website for e-commerce – selling goods at a distance, to be delivered after their explicit application by the user.

„User“ means a natural person, 18 years or legal person registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and has agreed to these Terms.

„Profile“ is a separate part of the site containing user information provided by the same upon registration and stored by, and access to the profile is carried out by entering a username and password. The profile allows the user to view and edit the data entered during registration, address book, to have access to information about all their requests to purchase goods from the store ecommerce to change the access password to subscribe respectively to give up the subscription to receive a newsletter and more.